Protecting LGBTQ+ Patients

In healthcare facilities, as in other parts of life, patients who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, or having another other sexual orientation or gender identity can face bias and threats to their safety. We need to consider how best to protect them in our facilities. This presentation will provide the leading practices to design and maintain a safe and secure environment to ensure that all LGBTQ+ patients have access to quality healthcare.

Next-Gen Compliance: Leveraging OIG’s Recent Guidance for Program Excellence

This webinar will cover key takeaways from the OIG’s recent General Compliance Program Guidance (GCPG) and share current trends and actionable practices Compliance professionals can implement in their programs. The presentation will cover ideas on promoting Compliance effectiveness by implementing analytics, adapting to the evolving AI landscape, and addressing cultural and behavioral considerations.

FQHC Components of a Needs Assessment

A Needs Assessment is used by Community Health Centers to identify the needs of the communities they serve. It helps health centers understand specific health challenges, demographics and social economic factors that impact the patient population. This webinar will identify why needs assessments are important, the HRSA program requirements needed for compliance, and identify best practices for developing a needs assessment.