Recent Updates from HRSA

HRSA Challenge Competition to Address Declining Vaccination Coverage and Well-Child Visits submission period opens in January!

Registration Closes on January 4th for a FREE webinar: Staying Healthy, Fit, and Connected During the Pandemic!

Respirators for Health Care during COVID-19

Evaluation of the Health Center’s Quality Program

As health centers continue to deal with the repeated surge in COVID-19 cases, clinical performance measures continue to decline. Regardless of what other challenges health centers are encountering, the Health Services and Resources Administration (HRSA) expects health centers to maintain continuous compliance with all health center program requirements, including Quality Improvement.

Peer Review – Requirement or Best Practice?

Peer review is talked about at state and federal conferences, during training sessions and webinars, and during HRSA Operational Site Visits (OSVs). Unfortunately, the reason peer review is talked about so frequently is because there are so many unresolved questions…

Child Health Day & HHS Awards

National Child Health Day has been proclaimed by the President of the United States, under a Joint Resolution of Congress, each year since 1928 and occurs on the first Monday of October…

Flu Season is Upon Us Again!

As the 2020-2021 influenza season is fast approaching, now is the time to be familiarized with the latest CDC recommendations and best practices relating to vaccinations…

HRSA Progressive Action Conditions

As health centers are directed to have continuous compliance with the HRSA requirements, HRSA has now provided updated information regarding the Progressive Action conditions based on any elements that were out of compliance…