SECURITY : Secure Data for All our Customers

Nothing is more important than the privacy of our customer’s information and thus we make data privacy and security our top priority.  Recognizing the significance of this responsibility and the need for the deepest expertise available, Compliatric was built on the Force.com® platform, which is recognized as a leading security infrastructure with world class physical, administrative and technical security safeguards.


Force.com has comprehensive privacy & security assessments and certifications performed by multiple third parties. For listing, CLICK HERE


Comprehensive information security and privacy policies designed to meet the requirements of ISO 27001

Designated specialists and departments who are responsible for Force.com’s privacy and security program

Limiting access to customer and protected health information to personnel who require such access to perform contractual obligations.
Training on information security and confidentiality during monthly new hire orientation and annual information security and privacy awareness training.
Force.com uses the strongest encryption products to protect customer data and communications, including 128-bit VeriSign SSL Certification and 1024-bit RSA public keys
The network perimeter is protected by multiple firewalls and monitored by intrusion detection systems. Firewall logs are regularly analyzed to proactively identify security threats. Security configurations are proactively monitored for changes, vulnerabilities, and errors and vulnerability threat assessments including penetration tests are regularly conducted
Inside of the perimeter firewalls, the systems are safeguarded by proprietary safeguards including network address translation, port redirection, IP masquerading, and non-routable IP addressing schemes
User access is provided only with a valid username and password combination, which is encrypted via SSL while in transmission. An encrypted session key is used to uniquely identify each user and the session key is automatically scrambled and re-established in the background at regular intervals.
A robust application security model prevents one customer from accessing another’s data. This security model is reapplied with every request and enforced for the entire duration of a user session
Redundant mirrored data centers on the West Coast, East Coast, and Asia with failover making interruption of service related to hardware problems or data issues minimally disruptive.
Data Facilities provide 24-hour monitoring and security and access to any server cages require biometric scanning.
Redundant diesel powered electrical generators, data center air conditioners, and other backup equipment designed to keep servers continually up and running are onsite
Data facility workstation policies that require personnel to store confidential information in secure locations, unattended workspaces to be secured, screens of unattended computers to be locked, and all portable computers disk drives to be fully encrypted are in force
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