from a one person compliance team to an entire organization with thousands of users, we have an affordable solution for you.

Increase Employee
Productivity and

Through real-time Social Collaboration that allows
employees to communicate and share knowledge
quickly across silos.


Nothing is more important than our customer's data and to that end Compliatric's Force.com® platform is recognized as a leading security infrastructure with world class physical, administrative, and technical security safeguards.

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Address the required elements of an effective compliance program including Policies, Training, Incidents, and Internal Auditing.


Release patient information properly with step-by-step workflows while providing the tracking needed to demosntrate compliance


Maintain organizational compliance, the appropriate documents and policies to meet HRSA’s Program Requirements in one area.


Maintain compliance with the Stark & Anti-Kickback laws via Non-Monetary Compensation tracking and Provider Agreement Administration.

Compliatric gives you easy, centralized control over the complex compliance management efforts. You can easily identify, track and address risk.

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Having Compliatric as a compliance portal has streamlined our Compliance Department at CareSTL Health tremendously. Compliatric has been a great asset to CareSTL Health and their platform is highly recommended.

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Renée Foote, MHA. MBA
Corporate Compliance Officer
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Compliatric has helped our organization recognize significant efficiencies in how we organize, track and report our compliance activities.  The customer support has been amazing in timeliness and quality of response and the continual development allows us to expand the scope beyond what we imagined when we first signed on.

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Darrell Contreras, Esq
Compliance Officer, Millenium Health
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After our last site visit, I desired a better way to keep everything incrementally and accurately organized and up-to-date for our next site visit. This is when I learned about Compliatric, a web-based program that does all I wanted and so much more.

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Edgar Chavez, MD
CEO, Universal Community Health Center
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It's very difficult to keep up with all of the information, guidelines, and regulations regarding compliance. We are a relatively small company, so having Compliatric’s staff to help us has truly been wonderful. With their expertise and knowledge, we are confident that we will not only meet our requirements, we will exceed!

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Mary Hondl
CEO, Regional Diagnostic Radiology
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Compliatric allows us to manage all our Compliance and Health Center Program Requirement efforts in one location. We are able to associate meeting minutes, contracts, credentialing, policies, etc., right back to the program requirement we are addressing and see our gaps in real time.

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Toni Gauger, CHC
Compliance Director, Rogue Community Health