Exclusions Checking

Our platform’s fully automated exclusion monitoring has the flexibility to run continuous exclusion checks against the OIG’s List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE), General Services Administration’s (GSA) System for Award Management (SAM), and other federal and state exclusion lists at any continuous time interval. Unlike manual methods of looking up on websites or basic-use systems that require lists to be repeatedly loaded and maintained, our platform contains an active listing of all employees, contractors, and vendors that engage with your organization, and runs checks as frequently as required by governmental entities or contractual obligations.

Incident Reporting and Investigations

From Adverse Patient Events and Near Misses to Data Breaches and Employee Injury, our Incident Reporting module standardizes your incident reporting and investigation management processes, allowing for online reporting and logging, data collection, investigation tracking, responses and resolution information in one central place. Customized incident types allow for information collection, unique to each incident category, to be gathered and subsequently routed to the appropriate designated management or caseworker personnel. Our optional hotline will add a confidential telephone option to report, and incidents will be entered directly into your system.

Policy and Forms Library

Using our policy management software solution, you can manage the complete policy and/or procedure lifecycle: From creation to tracking employee attestations, receiving notification on review or renewal dates and updates/amendments. Revision history is maintained and policy/procedure approvals are customized based on your organization’s hierarchy. Integration with our Learning Management System (LMS) enables policies to be easily converted into, or added in addition, to other training courses content.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our LMS module can help you easily develop, assign and track the training and education of your workforce to prove organizational compliance. Our training library is customizable to your needs so you target learning specific to your organization. Training courses are easily created and may be assigned to individuals, groups, teams, or organization-wide with a click of a single button. Sets of courses can be grouped into learning themes (combined with Policies) and assigned to different groups or for new hires for a seamless onboarding process. Managers have immediate visibility into the status of their employees’ completion rate, and company leaders have reports and dashboards on every facet of their training program across the entire organization.
With our platform’s Agreement module, healthcare providers can create, manage and organize agreements for vendors, care referral partners, grant sub-recipients, payers, facilities and so on. Agreement Terms and renewal/termination dates are tracked, with the automated reminders for review. Agreements may be stored via attachment or by creating by selecting a standard template. Our virtual HRSA 5A document links the agreements to your 5A form for quick reference and visibility. Integrated eSignature allow agreements to be sent for electronic signature via standard email.

Vendor Management

The Organizations module allows you to track all external and vendor relationships. Define different relationship types and track key details of the relationship and levels of risk. Integration with our Agreements module will track all external organization contracts and provide warnings for missing Business Associate agreements. Automated exclusion monitoring will ensure that any external vendors are never involved in the production of a service or claim.

Credentialing, Licensing & Privileging (CLP) Tracking

Our CLP Tracking module allows for the efficient management, organization and tracking of both individuals and organizations subject to credentialing, licensing, and/or privileging requirements. Key dates for renewal, expiration and review are stored, with the capability to set automatic reminders. Forms may be attached to a record and checklists generated.


Our meetings module increases efficiency by providing standardized meeting templates, agenda creation, minutes taking, and attendance tracking. Follow up action items/tasks may be assigned for completion. Repetitive meetings may be cloned to duplicate standing agenda items and regular meeting attendees and ease meeting management. Produce meeting minutes, route for signature electronically and link directly to HRSA program requirements for continuous compliance substantiation.

Auditing and Monitoring

Regular auditing and monitoring is a crucial component of an effective compliance program. Our Audits module enables you to perform, store, and track audits (from the simple to the more complex) and record internal actions taken. Audit types include audits of documentation (Agreements, Policies, etc) and various monitoring activites such as Peer Review. Compliatric’s Chart Review feature allows for continuous monitoring on medical and pharmacy chart data such as coding review and 340B audits.

Compliance Programs

Compliatric’s Program’s module allows an organization to store all regulatory or accreditation program elements that they are subject under into a cataloged index of requirements. The HRSA Health Center Program Requirements, Compliance Manual and Progressive Action Conditions Library come pre-loaded. The system then allows you to crosswalk documents or system records from across the platform, back to the source regulation.


Referral tracking is a module designed to help health center providers ensure the receipt of care when care is not available in your organization or department where the patient originally sought services. This tracking can be utilized for outside providers, specialists, hospitalization and diagnostic services (laboratory and medical imaging).

Reports & Dashboards (Provided for all modules)

Master current workload dashboards point out all things past due or requiring managerial attention. Additionally, you will have full access to Reports and Dashboards that access data across the entire platform. Unlike most systems, however, you have full control in being able to customize the existing reports and dashboards and make your own.

Grant Management

Our Grants module allows organizations to track grants both prospectively and following their award. From a prospective basis, you can keep track of all key deadlines for submission, and view the overall grant funding funnel of grants being researched or sought after by your organization. Grant tracking after receipt of the award then allows you to track all administrative and compliance details related to the grant, including grant sub-recipients, grant staff, grant arrangements, grant equipment, grant expenses, goals related to the grant. In addition, users can author and store all grant reporting in the module.


Our goals module helps you track organizational, committee or grant goals. Goals can be of any type, clinical, financial or other and can be qualitative or quantitative. Goal progress is visualized as you assign tasks, update completion, document activity, and work toward the desired outcomes.


Managing capital equipment and assets are fundamental to proper administration and compliance. Equipment is tracked from initial purchase through its end of life. Document warranty information, maintenance, calibration and services record. Link service contract agreements, related grants, and track if any clinical equipment is involved in adverse patient incidents. Add documents and store certifications of disposal via this powerful tool.