Agreement Management

Access Every Agreement from Anywhere

Agreements define every commercial and legal relationship of your organization; manage them poorly and you can risk your organization’s future.  Stringent federal and state regulatory requirements make oversight of a healthcare organization’s contracts a critical component of an effective compliance and risk management program.  Seemingly harmless and small technical violations can land a healthcare organization in trouble with hefty fines.

With Compliatric’s Agreement Management module, healthcare providers can create, store and organize agreements for improved access, collaboration, tracking and approvals.  Search and find agreements in seconds and link your agreements to other key system records (Organization, Facility, Grant, Client, Vendor, Person, Regulation, Program / Accreditation Requirement etc.) for visualization on that related record.   Generate from template or attach the agreement and any related documents with the platform’s built in document management system with full versioning control.

Different agreement types have structured fieldsets that are specific to that type of agreement to track key elements specific to regulatory or internal business requirements.  Add custom fields to suit your organization’s specific needs and generate reports incorporating these fields to support processes and auditing.  Use the key clauses section to monitor specific requirements and ensure that promised obligations are being fullfilled.

Track key agreement dates and never miss a contract review, renewal or termination date with flexible automated reminders.  Utilization of customized approval processes for routing and documentation along with integrated eSignature ability, allow agreements to be legally signed by multiple parties in minutes.

For our Community Health Center clients, you have the ability to link care agreements, commonly Memorandum’s of Understanding and Memorandum’s of Agreement, to different in-scope services and create a virtual HRSA 5A form for your OSV.  The agreement type helps tracks all key HRSA compliance elements to ensure the agreement would not cause a condition on your award.

Provide Oversight

Eliminate inconsistencies and streamline the management of contractual obligations.


Provide access to and collaborate on agreements with authorized teammates from anywhere.

Reduce Contract Cycle Time

With document creation, team collaboration, and integrated electronic signature.

Save Costs

Stop renewal for undesired services, products, and leases while providing spending visibility.

Demonstrate Compliance

Track requirements by agreement type and ensure critical associated agreements and documentation are in place.

Eliminate Errors

Critical date tracking, contract field validation rules and comprehensive notifications reduce the human error factor.

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