Virtual OSV Tours

We are having a Virtual Operational Site Visit (VOSV) in a few months. Can you provide any insight regarding what the VOSV review team will want to see?

HRSA Staffing Ratios

Does HRSA require staffing ratios? As an example, does it say how many providers and support staff you should have?

HRSA Naming Convention for Documents

We have an OSV coming up and were provided with the HRSA Naming Convention for documents. Can you please provide some tips on how to implement this process correctly?

Perfomance Analysis Session Requirements

We are having a Virtual Operational Site Visit in May of 2021. Can you please tell me what the requirement is for completing the Performance Analysis Session?

Ask an Expert: Virtual Tour Logistics

Is there any way we can get a complete list of all policies that need to be board approved? We just want to make sure we are staying on top of things.

Ask an Expert: Basic Life Support Training

Can you please explain what the HRSA requirements are for Basic Life Support Training for clinical staff? Are all clinical staff required to provide evidence of current certification?