Ask an Expert: Basic Life Support Training

Can you please explain what the HRSA requirements are for Basic Life Support Training for clinical staff? Are all clinical staff required to provide evidence of current certification?

Ask an Expert: Approval of Clinical Policies

We currently send all of our clinical policies to the Board of Directors for approval. Is this required? We are not sure which clinical policies must be board approved and which ones do not.

Ask an Expert: Refusal to Pay Policy

How the health center notifies patients of collection efforts that will be taken when these situations occur. So, if a patient refuses to pay, do you let patients know of resources that your health center has?

Ask an Expert: FTCA and Virtual OSVs

With the transition to and implementation of Virtual Operational Site Visits (VOSVs), many health centers are questioning how the FTCA section of the review is conducted and what HRSA’s expectations are regarding compliance…

Ask an Expert: Resources for Board Training

A lot of health centers will provide an orientation to new members or assign a more seasoned board member as a mentor.  There are various avenues for board member training…

Ask an Expert: How Should We Track Our Federal Funds?

The Compliance Manual and OSV Protocol (Chapter 15, Financial Management and Accounting Systems, Element B) does require that a health center keep track of their federal award in their practice management system…