Best Practices for Preparing Documents using the HRSA Naming Convention

What are some best practices for preparing documents using the HRSA Document Checklist/Naming Convention?

Here are a couple of tips which make the preparation and review of documents a little easier: 

  1. It’s very difficult when one PDF contains multiple contracts, patient samples, or board minutes. To make it easier, separate each document into its own PDF and utilize the naming guidelines to name each document. For example, Chapter 4 – Required and Additional Health Services requires uploads of contracts and memorandums of understanding (MOUs) for Column II and Column III services. Each contract or MOU should be a separate PDF and not one combined document. 
  2. Ask questions. Work with your Operational Site Visit (OSV) review team and ask questions if there are concerns with documents or you are unclear as to which document needs to be submitted. The goal is to work collaboratively and to work together to ensure a successful OSV. If the document checklist is unclear, please reach out to the team for guidance. 
  3. Ensure that the most recent version of a document is uploaded for review. At times, the policy or sample provided to the OSV review team is not the most recent. This can cause issues for the reviewers, so please take care when uploading to the Citrix Share File. 


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