OSV Needs Assessment Naming

For the OSV, under the needs assessment, do you have a sample of how the naming should appear on the document?

HRSA provides the Consolidated Documents Checklist which includes the Naming Convention for your OSV. This should be provided during or prior to your pre-site visit call. For Chapter 3-Needs Assessment, the naming convention provides the following guidance:

  • 3.1-Service Area Reps-Anal:
    • A health center would upload the following information:
      • Needs Assessment
      • Service area map and analysis documentation
  • 3.2-Recent NA docs:
    • A health center would upload the following information:
      • Supporting documentation that was used to complete the needs assessment uploaded in 3.1. 
        • This may include but not limited to: supporting needs assessments completed by the hospital, health department or other needs assessments
        • Studies, resources, reports that supported the data collection for the needs assessment. As an example, if a health center’s service area has a high unemployment rate, the citation of that source would be provided in 3.2

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