What Policies Require Board Approval

Which policies does the board of directors approve?

The Health Center Program Compliance Manual offers guidance and outlines specific policies that must undergo adoption, evaluation, and approval at least once every three years. These policies include:

  1. Sliding Fee Discount Program Policies
  2. Billing and Collections Policies
  3. Financial Management and Accounting System Policies
  4. Quality Improvement/Assurance Policies
  5. Personnel Policies


While these policies are considered “required” and must be approved by the board, it’s essential to acknowledge that health centers should also consult their respective state’s nonprofit and local laws. These regulations may involve additional governance requirements that require Board of Directors’ approval for certain policies. It’s important to remember that the governing board of a health center is tasked with establishing and approving policies that govern the overall operations of the center, and the health center’s staff is primarily responsible for implementing and ensuring compliance with these policies, often completed through the creation of operating procedures.


For further information regarding governance requirements, please refer to the following link: Health Center Program Compliance Manual – Chapter 19.

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