Virtual OSV Tours

We are having a Virtual Operational Site Visit (VOSV) in a few months.  Can you provide any insight regarding what the VOSV review team will want to see?

The tour is conducted much like an “in-person” tour and may not always include all three reviewers.  In most cases, the Clinical reviewer facilitates the tour, although the Administration/Governance and Fiscal reviewers may ask questions specific to their areas of review.  The areas of focus by reviewer include the following:



  • Accessibility of location
  • Hours of operation



  • Mechanism for informing patients of the hours of operation
  • Mechanism for informing patients of after-hours information
  • Primary Care Services
    • Exam rooms and care team stations
    • Medication/vaccine storage
    • Emergency kit/equipment
  • Behavioral Health Services
    • Offices and counseling rooms
  • Dental Services
    • Operatories and Panorex
  • Laboratory Services
    • Lab area and CLIA waivers
  • Pharmacy Services
    • Administrative and dispensing area
  • Other
    • Specialty services as applicable



  • Sliding Fee Discount (SFD) Program
    • Mechanism for informing patients of the availability of SFD Program
    • Mechanism for informing patients on how to apply for the SFD Program
    • Screening and enrollment
  • Data
    • Information sharing in the health center, as applicable


Keep in mind, the VOSV review team and HRSA Federal Representative may ask for additional information outside of the areas listed above.  Health centers should utilize the guidance provided in the HRSA Health Center Compliance Manual (Health Center Program Compliance Manual) to prepare for their VOSV.  Additionally, health centers can conduct a self-evaluation of compliance by answering the questions in HRSA Site Visit Protocol (Health Center Program Site Visit Protocol). 

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