Using Templates

When searching for templates/samples what are some things we should remember as a health center?

Templates can be a great way to avoid “reinventing the wheel”, especially when developing policies or procedures. It’s important to remember that templates or samples are just an outline. A health center MUST make a template “their own”; in other words, have it reflective of their health center practice. For example, if a health center uses a sample which states a certain committee will review certain things, and that health center doesn’t have such a committee, then that portion of the template must be removed. Secondly, it’s important to ensure that the template does not have another health center’s name within the body of the template or in the header/footnote. Search the document for any other health center name and replace it with yours. Finally, place the template/policy in your health center’s policy template for future use as it is important to maintain consistency. Always remember, if the item is related to a HRSA Policy and Procedure, it must reflect the most recent documents released by HRSA (for example, remove PINS for Credentialing and Privileging as they are no longer in existence). 

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