Non-Monetary Compensation Exception to Stark Law

Hot off the press, our latest Podcast is now available!

Please join us as we discuss the importance of Non-Monetary Compensation Exception to Stark Law. This episode features Ahmed Salim, a Compliance Professional, and Dave Monaghan, Co-founder of Compliatric, an integrated compliance program management solution.

For our new listeners, ComplyGuys & Compliatric have created this podcast series in order to assist compliance professionals in building their program. In every Podcast, we will discuss a new compliance issue and provide insight on how to ensure your organization is following best practices.

In this episode, we will cover:

  • Physician payments and compensation: Stark rules and exceptions
  • What falls under the Non-Monetary Compensation 

  • What you should do if you go over the annual allowed amount

  • NMC vs. MSIB: Differences between NMC and the Medical Staff Incidental Benefit Exception