Sampling Review Resource Guide

As Community Health Centers prepare for their Virtual Operational Site Visits, one aspect of the visit is assessing compliance through a sampling process.  The sampling process is when a health center has the ability to choose a subset of samples or documents to provide the HRSA site visit team along with other required documents to demonstrate compliance.  HRSA has created the Health Center Program Site Visit Protocol: Sampling Review Resource Guide which can be found at the following link:

This sampling guide should be used in conjunction with the Health Center Program Site Visit Protocol found  These two documents work together to help a health center provide all of the documents necessary to review each HRSA Chapter. 

The sampling resource guide:


  • Allows the health center to choose which documents to provide for review
  • Provides explanations of the methodology provided in HOW to determine which samples to use in assessing compliance
  • Provides guidance to the HRSA site visit team IF the samples chosen are not sufficient to assess compliance
  • Is broken out by sections:
    • Contracts/Referral Arrangements
    • Provider Files
    • Patient Medical Records
    • Reports
    • Fiscal and Billing Records


Use of the Sampling Review Resource Guide is vital when preparing for your Virtual Operational Site Visit, and instrumental in allowing you to be prepared in advance.

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