Next Step in the Pandemic – The COVID-19 Vaccine

As health centers move through the next phase of the pandemic, the FDA has approved a vaccine for COVID-19.  Information on the vaccine can be found on the CDC website located  HERE.  Health Center staff can use the CDC website to provide accurate information to patients and staff as the vaccine rollout starts. 

As more vaccines become available, health centers will be asked to play a vital role in the distribution.  FIRST, Health Centers should review the following information: Form 5A: Services Provided (also called their Scope of Practice) to ensure that immunizations and general primary care are services that are considered in-scope.  SECOND, health centers should review Form 5B (Service Sites) to ensure that service sites meet the definition of a service site as described in PIN 2008-01: Defining Scope of Project and Policy for Requesting Changes.  This can be found here:

LASTLY, a review of Form 5C: Other Activities/Locations should be reviewed, especially if a health center on their own behalf plans to provide vaccinations to individuals within their community at a location that is not an approved services site, but is within their scope of project.  It is important to remember that providing vaccinations on behalf of a third-party entity would NOT be considered in-scope, but another line of business. 

For more information or questions, contacting your HRSA Project Officer would be prudent as would reviewing HRSA’s COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Vaccine Distribution located HERE

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