New LAL – What is the Next Step?

Our clinic just got FQHC LAL status; what should we do next?

Here are a couple of things that may be helpful:

First, you should have received a Notice of Deeming Award from HRSA. This is a document which outlines the budget, responsibilities and program information that your new health center must follow. This document also has due dates, along with which documents are to be provided to HRSA. It is important you read this Notice carefully. In addition, you should reach out to your new HRSA Project Officer to introduce yourself and discuss any questions you may have.

Second, if you have not applied for a Medicare number for your new FQHC LAL, you may want to do so (Form 855A). If your clinic already exists, you may want to contact Medicare to determine whether they require a new Form 855A be completed, or whether they can transfer your current Medicare number to your new FQHC LAL. Of note, in most states, the organization has to have a Medicare number prior to applying for a Medicaid number for the FQHC LAL to receive an interim PPS rate (the enhanced rate received for Medicaid patients).

Finally, reach out to your state Primary Care Association (PCA). Each state has a PCA who receives HRSA funding to provide technical assistance to FQHCs and FQHC LALs. Based on the size of the PCA, they may be able to provide additional support. Your organization can reach out to other FQHCs and FQHC LALs for support, and also the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). 

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