Naming Convention for Documents for OSV

To clarify the multiple documents in multiple places for OSV: My understanding was that, though documents are needed in more than one place, they can be named the same. For example: The needs assessment would be “named” for Chapter 3, and would keep the same file name for Chapter 5. However, the site visit protocol for Chapter 5 with regard to the needs assessment says, “See 3 – Need Primary Folder.” My role in the OSV is to gather the documents, properly name them, and upload to the file share, so I would appreciate any clarification.

HRSA has updated the Health Center Naming Convention to reflect the updates to the Site Visit Protocol Changes. When it says, “See 3-Need Primary Folder”, after that it will provide the actual document that is needed from the Needs Assessment Folder. The HRSA Project Officer should provide the Naming Convention, or the HRSA Review Team (Team Lead) should provide that document. I would clarify with the HRSA Team to see how they would prefer it. You can either copy and paste the entire folder or just what document is required.

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