Financial Accounting System Requirement

In reading the Site Visit Protocol, under Financial Management and Accounting Systems, Element A (Financial Management and Control Systems), HRSA requires that the health center can track expenditures of the Health Center Program project funds. We currently use an Excel Spreadsheet along with a fiscal system. Is this ok?

HRSA does not provide or endorse a specific system, instead, provides guidelines to ensure compliance with that Program Requirement. In reviewing the Health Center Program Compliance Manual (the companion to the Site Visit Protocol), guidance is provided on what should be tracked and managed. First and foremost, a health center should ensure that they use a financial management system (not an Excel Spreadsheet). The financial management system should be able to account for all Federal awards (including the Federal award made under the Health Center Program), in order to identify the source (receipt) and application (expenditure) of funds for federally funded activities in whole or in part. The following information should be included in the financial system to identify the federal funding award:

  • Federal program and Federal award identification would include, as applicable, the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) title and number
  • Federal award identification number and year
  • Name of the HHS awarding agency, and name of the pass-through entity, if any

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