Compliance KPI Podcast

In this episode, Ahmed and Dagmar discuss how to set and achieve attainable KPI goals for your compliance department.

Knowledge Sharing

In this episode of the Think Compliance Podcast, Ahmed and Dagmar discuss the importance of knowledge sharing in the compliance community.


Dagmar and Ahmed share their thoughts on the opioid epidemic and how it is portrayed in the latest book and documentary series “Dopesick.”

Organizational Ethics

Ethical dilemmas in the business context are complex and consist of a wide gray areas. No matter how ethical your team is, they need help with real life business conflicts.

HIPAA Issues With Vaccines

Many public figures have been using HIPAA as a reason not to disclose their vaccination status to others or the media; but does HIPAA really impact their decisions?

Ethical Malpractice

When do the ramifications of an ethical, or unethical decision become a legal matter? We’re following up on the Robinhood investment situation through the lens of a compliance professional.