Board Voting via Email

If we are in between board meetings, can our health center do an electronic vote through email?

While the short answer is yes, a health center must take into account the following items: 1) Whether the state they are in allows for an electronic vote for non-profit organizations, 2) What are the procedures associated with an electronic vote? (The process and allowance of an electronic vote should be described in the board approved bylaws), and 3) What documentation needs to be retained to demonstrate an electronic vote has been taken? 

Health centers should maintain records of all votes that were taken through an electronic method (for example, if a health center has 9 board members, and 9 board members voted, all 9 emails should be kept for documentation). If health centers use a platform such as survey monkey to record electronic votes, they must ensure board members attach their name to their vote.  Votes should not be  anonymous so you can record all members providing a vote, whether for or against, and whether a member abstained from voting. Finally, it is important to remember that electronic votes must not take the place of a monthly board meeting. A monthly board meeting with quorum is a requirement under Board Authority, Element C. For more information, please visit:   Chapter 19: Board Authority

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