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Peer Review – Requirement or Best Practice?

Peer review is talked about at state and federal conferences, during training sessions and webinars, and during HRSA Operational Site Visits (OSVs). Unfortunately, the reason peer review is talked about so frequently is because there are so many unresolved questions…

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Ask an Expert: Resources for Board Training

A lot of health centers will provide an orientation to new members or assign a more seasoned board member as a mentor.  There are various avenues for board member training…

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Continuous Compliance – It’s not JUST an OSV Prep – Chapter 9 Sliding Fee Discount Program

This month’s webinar will focus on the following:

Chapter 9: Sliding Fee Discount Program

· Understanding the requirements and why they are important
· Methods to maintain continuous compliance (without addressing it last minute or only during an OSV)
· How to use the requirement in everyday practice to improve your Community Health Center

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Child Health Day & HHS Awards

National Child Health Day has been proclaimed by the President of the United States, under a Joint Resolution of Congress, each year since 1928 and occurs on the first Monday of October…

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Ask an Expert: Clinical Reviewers After Hours

Now that Operational Site Visits are being done virtually, does the Clinical Reviewer still place a call to test the after-hours line? Have the requirements changed?

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Reporting Quality Data to the Board of Directors – What You Need to Know – by Compliatric

The involvement of the Board of Directors is a critical component of a successful Quality Management Program. This webinar is for Health Center Grantees and their Board of Directors…

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