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“Virtual Operational Site Visits? Learn all about them!”

Operational Site Visits (OSVs) are now VIRTUAL. What does this mean for your FQHC/FQHC LAL? How will preparation differ? Join us for this educational session and learn what Virtual OSVs will look like going forward. Learn tips on the process, how to prepare, and some best practices.

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Making the Most out of your Sliding Fee Discount Program

As HRSA restarts Operational Site Visits (OSVs) through the virtual process, Chapter 9-Sliding Fee Discount Program is a chapter which can cause health centers (FQHCs and FQHC LALs) a lot of headaches! Why is that?

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Ask an Expert: Refusal to Pay Policy

How the health center notifies patients of collection efforts that will be taken when these situations occur. So, if a patient refuses to pay, do you let patients know of resources that your health center has?

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Ask an Expert: FTCA and Virtual OSVs

With the transition to and implementation of Virtual Operational Site Visits (VOSVs), many health centers are questioning how the FTCA section of the review is conducted and what HRSA’s expectations are regarding compliance…

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Continuous Compliance – It’s not JUST an OSV Prep – Chapter 4: Required and Additional Health Services

Chapter 4: Required and Additional Health Services

· Understanding the requirements and why they are important
· Methods to maintain continuous compliance (without addressing it last minute or only during an OSV)
· How to use the requirement in everyday practice to improve your Community Health Center

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Celebrating Ethics and Compliance Week

Welcome to another episode of Think Compliance. In this episode, we are Celebrating Ethics and Compliance Week!

Join in our discussion with Ahmed Salim, a Compliance Professional, and Dagmar Austin of Compliatric.

For our new listeners, Compliatric created this podcast series to assist healthcare and compliance professionals in building their programs. In each Podcast, we discuss a new compliance topic and provide insight on how to ensure your organization is following best practices.

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