Back-up and Disaster Recovery


With a 99.9+% uptime, Compliatric is as reliable as cloud computing can be and our platform publishes daily service quality metrics via an accessible Website. Multigigabit IP transit for customer traffic confirms a consistent user experience. 

We also understand how important it is to protect your important data; to that end and regardless of customer size, we provide’s robust back-up and disaster recovery protection, including:

    • All networking components, SSL accelerators, load balancers, web servers, and application servers are configured in a redundant configuration.

    • All customer data is stored on carrier-class disk storage using RAID disks and multiple data paths and a database served by a database server cluster for redundancy.

    • Data, up to the last committed transaction, is mirrored to identical data centers in other locations with failover capabilities.

    • Disaster recovery plans are in place and tested regularly.

    • Transparent service quality information available at