Best Practices from the Field: How One Health Center Battles COVID-19

In March 2020, COVID-19 started to affect the way FQHCs provided care. Changing the perception and the way health care is provided can normally take months to years to ensure a smooth transition. As we know, FQHCs did not have that time to adapt. Come and learn from your peers! Cabarrus Rowan Community Health Center […]

Overcoming the Challenges of Credentialing and Privileging

While COVID-19 has consumed our lives both personally and professionally, health centers are still required to maintain compliance with Section 330 and FTCA requirements. How do we do that? By implementing an effective and cohesive credentialing and privileging process. The purpose of this webinar is to provide a better understanding of the requirements for credentialing […]

Translating Compliance Requirements into Action Items (340B)

With constant changes in HRSA’s “expectations”, “recommendations” and audit focus, implementation and ongoing compliance of hospital and grantee’s 340B programs can be an arduous task, and also a moving target. RPh Innovations (RPHI), a 340B Program Support and Independent Auditor established in 2011, will re-center the focus around core statues and regulatory concepts of the […]

Fundraising in Times of Crisis

Our reality right now has most people thinking about crisis and feeling consumed with the unknown. Yet fundraising – even in the unknown – is critical for an organization’s success and sustainability. Your mission and those you serve are counting on you! Watch Maximizing Excellence, LLC for “Fundraising in Times of Crisis.” Gain valuable insight […]

Simplifying Form 5A

In the first nine months following the implementation of the Compliance Manual and original Site Visit Protocol, 8% of the top 600 Progressive Actions Conditions applied fell within the realm of Chapter Four, “Required and Additional Health Services.” The purpose of this webinar is to provide a targeted effort to clarify misconceptions and provide tips […]

HRSA Requirements for a Compliant Sliding Fee Scale

Sliding Fee Scales can greatly improve relationships with patients as well as contribute more to your bottom line. In this webinar we go over how to set up a Sliding Fee Scale in a way that is easy to manage and most importantly, compliant.

FTCA Compliance and Preparing for an FTCA Specific On-Site Visit

Quality Assurance, Risk Management, Claims Management and Credentialing and Privileging activities have increasingly become more important to HRSA. In January 2019, HRSA issued a Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) specific Site Visit Protocol and has begun to perform FTCA on-site visits. These FTCA on-site visits are conducted over two days and are focused on Quality […]

Contracts and MOUs; What to Use and When?

As health centers strive to provide high quality comprehensive care, whether by contract or MOU arrangement, each document type must contain certain provisions in order to be compliant with the HRSA Compliance Manual and Site Visit Protocol (SVP). This webinar will provide participants with a non-legal perspective on contracts and MOUs, identify “must haves” within […]

Contracts In An FQHC: Do Your Contracts Comply?

Running a successful Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) requires effective structural organization. It also requires a deep understanding of the contracts that are the framework of the FQHC. FQHCs can increase their effectiveness and overall compliance by ensuring that they not only have the proper contracts in place, but that they are using the most […]